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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Christmas Basket

Welcome to my little Niche within the library. So grab a coffee and let's review some books. The Christmas BasketThe Christmas Basket by Debbie Macomber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Silver tea set was what sparked a row between two friends that turned into a family feud between the MacDowells and the Suttons. Mary Sutton lent Real Estate Agent, Sarah MacDowell, a family heirloom which once belonged to her grandmother—a silver tea set. Sarah had lent it to another Real Estate Agent whom Mary couldn’t stand for her Open House. The tea set was stolen and Mary never forgave her friend for losing her beloved tea set. This sparked a grudge between the two friends that went on for years, affecting everyone in their households and the community at large.

Their children, Noelle MacDowell and Thom Sutton bore the brunt of that grudge. Both children fell secretly in love with each other since high school. They planned to confront their feuding mothers and announce their plan to elope.
Both mothers were dead set against the idea. Nineteen year old Noelle stood up to her mother, Sarah, and stormed out of the house to meet her beloved Thom at the pre-arranged meeting place, only to find out that Thom had stood her up.
Hurt, betrayed and writhing with anger, Noelle moved to Texas vowing never to return to Rose, Oregon again. She wanted to forget about Thom Sutton.

But when her sister, Kristen, announced she was getting married to Jonathon, she asked her sister, Noelle to come to Rose to discuss wedding plans. Adamant to return to the place where her heart was broken, Noelle felt trapped. She didn’t want to return to Rose and come face-to-face with the man that broke her heart; but then again, how could she miss her chance to see her sisters. Boarding on a plane, she returned to Rose to face her past. Yet how could she forget what happened ten years ago when everyday would be a painful reminder every time she ran into Thom.

When Sarah MacDowell was asked to be in charge of the Christmas Baskets, a charity project for the Country Club where she planned to have her daughter’s wedding reception, she didn’t know she was going to run into her loathed enemy, Mary Sutton. Melody, the Club’s secretary, arranged for the two enemies to work on this important project. Their mission was to shop for six needy families and fill six Christmas baskets by Christmas Eve to take to the Salvation Army on the evening of Christmas Eve.

At a Christmas party, Noelle and Thom reunited. Their love rekindled after the two of them cleared the air. It was all a misunderstanding that ended their love ten years ago. Now, more in love than ever, they vowed to get together and try to put an end to their mothers' feud. Together they joined forces to search for a replacement silver tea set to end the feud between their two mothers. Thom proposed to Noelle and she accepted. Together they went to confront their mothers and announce their engagement. But will their mothers, sworn and loathed enemies, put behind their wrath and come to accept their children’s Engagement?

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