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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Royally Yours

Welcome to my little Niche within the library. So grab a coffee and let's review some books.

Royally Yours: A Modern-Day Valentine's FairytaleRoyally Yours: A Modern-Day Valentine's Fairytale by Jude Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Royally Yours is a funny yet Romantic Chick Lit about an American girl named Sara who has moved to London and met Mr Right........who happens to be non other than Prince Henry. Prince Henry is in love with Sara and on one romantic evening, he bends down on one knee and proposes to Sara. Sara is beside herself...not only is she now engaged to be married but she's engaged to a Royal Prince. Their Fairy-Tale Wedding is set to be held on......get this.....Valentine's Day; but the question remains......can Sara be able to handle life in the Palace? I enjoyed this short but lite entertaining book. I read this on my Kindle and was hooked. I finished it in two nights. This is a wonderful lite read that will put anyone in the mood for Valentine's Day and think about England.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Matchmaker Cat

Welcome to my little Niche within the library. So grab a coffee and let's review some books.

Matchmaker Cat (A Romantic Comedy Short Story)Matchmaker Cat by Elizabeth Kyne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chester, the cat, knows how to rule Rosemary! Who else can point her in the right direction as to where to find love? I enjoyed this funny romantic tale about a woman who finds love via an unconventional manner........Chester, her cat who leads her to find Mr Right when he puts his paws on the computer and it lands on a certain Dating Website on a particular candidate's page. This is a short story that one might enjoy reading for Valentine's Day. It is very well-written and at only £.77 ($1.00) it is a bargain. I read this on my Kindle Device....a very good read.

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Sunday, 15 January 2012

February 2012 Book Reviews

Welcome to my little Niche within the library. So grab a coffee and let's review some books.

Cupcakes and CupidsCupcakes and Cupids by Jennifer Conner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

On Valentine's Day, Analeigh Russel, owner and founder of Let Them Eat Cakes, is enroute to deliver 300 Wedding Cupcakes when she is involved in a fender bender that totals her car and wrecks all but 100 of her cupcakes. The day and business is almost ruined by this automobile accident, Analeigh swears....until a handsome stranger appears and tows her car. This is a very short book that you can read in a day. I enjoyed this sweet story. This is a lovely short story anyone will enjoy reading time and time again on or near Saint Valentine's Day. Three cheers for the author! I will be reading more of her stories, namely, A Lesson in Passion.

Jennifer Conners is a part-time author with two children.

Falling for Christmas (MIRA)Falling for Christmas by Debbie Macomber

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mary Jo Wyse has gotten into one hell of a predicament. Falling pregnant by a man that lied to her, Mary Jo Wyse feels ashamed. It doesn't help having three very over-protective brothers who have vowed to make their sister's boyfriend pay for dishonouring their sister. Heavy with child, Mary Jo heads off on Christmas Eve to Cedar Cove to warn David's family about her three over-protective brothers who are out- to- get the father of their sister's unborn child and bring him to justice.

When Mary Jo Wyse arrives in Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve, all the Inns are full; but then she discovers the true meaning of Christmas when she and her unborn baby are showered with overwhelming hospitality. With the help of a friendly librarian and David's half sister, Mary Jo feels welcomed and at home at Cedar Cove. Grace Harding, the Librarian at Cedar Cove offers Mary Jo an apartment at the top of the barn where the animals for the Live Nativity are being kept. Mary Jo hates being a nuissance and when Grace asks her to come with her and her family to the Church Service, Mary Jo declines. Then on Christmas Eve, all alone in the apartment over the Barn, Mary Jo goes into labor. With the help of firefighter and EMT specialist, Mack, Mary Jo gives birth on Christmas Eve.

I fell in love with this book from the first page. Debbie takes you home to a cosy place that warms your heart and soul. The story has a happy ending. I found I couldn't put this book down. I found myself crying in places, laughing in other parts and felt the warmth of the Christmas Spirit.

As with some of Debbie's books, there are two stories in this book. The second story is Call Me Mrs Miracle. This is a heart-warming tale about a match-making person called Mrs Merkle whom others affectionately call Mrs Miracle.....because whenever she's around, miracles do happen. Emily Merkle works for a department store on the brink of going into administration. With Mrs Merkle on board, the company is spared and a few hearts are mended. I also have seen the Hallmark movie of Call Me Mrs's heart-warming.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Angel over the Right Shoulder

Welcome to my little Niche within the library. So grab a coffee and let's review some books.

The Angel over the Right Shoulder The Beginning of a New YearThe Angel over the Right Shoulder The Beginning of a New Year by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A stressed and unfulfilled housewife and mother is asked by her husband to try an experiment; she's to have an hour or so each day just to do things for herself. The woman agrees and tries the experiment but everytime she goes into her room for a little 'me' time she is interrupted.
Unfulfilled and highly stressed out, the woman moans about how meaningless and mundane her life is until she gets a wake-up call and new lease on life by two Guardian Angels. This is a short story that can be read in one sitting. I truly enjoyed this inspirational book and identified with the main character. I thought the title ought to be 'A Woman's work is never done' until I read the ending.

Monday, 9 January 2012

The Christmas Angel

Welcome to my little Niche within the library. So grab a coffee and let's review some books.

The Christmas Angel (Focus on the Family Great Stories)The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown

 On  Christmas Eve,  a miserable old Spinster sets out to destroy a box of old childhood toys; but before throwing each toy into the Library fireplace she conducts an experiment to prove that there is no Christmas Spirit left.  She  throws four old toys into the streets to see what becomes of them only to find that these old forgotten toys, which she calls rubbish,  bring out the worst in those who finds them........until she stumbles upon an old family ornament......a Christmas Angel from Miss Terry's childhood whom she and her brother often put on top of their Christmas Tree.   The Angel  helps Miss Terry see the error of her ways and reveals the truth behind each of her  'experiments', revealing the true outcome of each toy that Miss Terry threw out onto the pavement with a very different outcome from what Miss Terry assumed happened to each toy. 

          Each toy that Angelina Terry throws out touches the life of a person in a very special way.

  • A little sick boy is given the gift of a Jack-In-the Box that was found by two Jewish Boys.
  • An arrogant Millionaire turns over a new leaf  when he rescues a little boy who was about to be run over  by a truck when the toy Flannel Dog that Miss Terry threw out was crushed under a car.....when the arrogant Millionaire threw the dog unto the street in a haughty manner.
  • An embittered mother who lost her child finds the true meaning of Christmas and has a change of heart when she finds Miss Terry's brother's  Noah's Ark.
  • An abused child finds the true meaning of Christmas and a warm home when she finds Miranda, Miss Terry's old doll.
  • A drunken old sinner finds a Guardian Angel who helps him mend his ways on Christmas Eve.

       This is a charming story full of the Christmas Spirit.  Abbey Farbel Brown has written a modern twist to Dickens's  A Christmas Carol in an original way.  I absolutely loved this story!  The story is short enough to read in one sitting and full of the true meaning of Christmas.

Abbey Farbell Brown, a descendant of the earliest New England settlers, was born on Beacon Hill,  in 1871 in Boston.  Brown attended the Boston Girl's Latin School and became intimate friends with  Prescott Peabody.  Abbey graduated from Radcliffe  College  in 1894. 
Also by this Author:

A Pocketful of Poesies (1902). The Curious Book of Birds (1903). The Star Jewels (1905). Brothers and Sisters (1906). Friends and Cousins (1907). Fresh Posies; Rhymes to Read and Pieces to Speak (1908). The Christmas Angel (1910). Their City Christmas; a Story for Boys and Girls (1912). Songs of Sixpence (1914). Kensington Town (1915). Surprise House (1917). The Gift; a Christmas Story (1920). Heart of New England (1920). The Rock of Liberty; a Pilgrim Ode (1920). What Luck! A Study in Opposites (1920). The Green Trunk; a Masque (1921). Round Robin (1921). The Lights of Beacon Hill; a Christmas Message (1922). The New England Poetry Club; an Outline of Its History, 1915-1923 (1923). Our Christmas Tree (1925). The Silver Stairs; Poems (1926). Under the Rowan Tree (1926). The Lantern and Other Plays for Children (1928). The Little Friend (1960).

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