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Monday, 9 January 2012

The Christmas Angel

Welcome to my little Niche within the library. So grab a coffee and let's review some books.

The Christmas Angel (Focus on the Family Great Stories)The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown

 On  Christmas Eve,  a miserable old Spinster sets out to destroy a box of old childhood toys; but before throwing each toy into the Library fireplace she conducts an experiment to prove that there is no Christmas Spirit left.  She  throws four old toys into the streets to see what becomes of them only to find that these old forgotten toys, which she calls rubbish,  bring out the worst in those who finds them........until she stumbles upon an old family ornament......a Christmas Angel from Miss Terry's childhood whom she and her brother often put on top of their Christmas Tree.   The Angel  helps Miss Terry see the error of her ways and reveals the truth behind each of her  'experiments', revealing the true outcome of each toy that Miss Terry threw out onto the pavement with a very different outcome from what Miss Terry assumed happened to each toy. 

          Each toy that Angelina Terry throws out touches the life of a person in a very special way.

  • A little sick boy is given the gift of a Jack-In-the Box that was found by two Jewish Boys.
  • An arrogant Millionaire turns over a new leaf  when he rescues a little boy who was about to be run over  by a truck when the toy Flannel Dog that Miss Terry threw out was crushed under a car.....when the arrogant Millionaire threw the dog unto the street in a haughty manner.
  • An embittered mother who lost her child finds the true meaning of Christmas and has a change of heart when she finds Miss Terry's brother's  Noah's Ark.
  • An abused child finds the true meaning of Christmas and a warm home when she finds Miranda, Miss Terry's old doll.
  • A drunken old sinner finds a Guardian Angel who helps him mend his ways on Christmas Eve.

       This is a charming story full of the Christmas Spirit.  Abbey Farbel Brown has written a modern twist to Dickens's  A Christmas Carol in an original way.  I absolutely loved this story!  The story is short enough to read in one sitting and full of the true meaning of Christmas.

Abbey Farbell Brown, a descendant of the earliest New England settlers, was born on Beacon Hill,  in 1871 in Boston.  Brown attended the Boston Girl's Latin School and became intimate friends with  Prescott Peabody.  Abbey graduated from Radcliffe  College  in 1894. 
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